Salt Marsh Paintings
Cape Cod and New England
By Artist
Matthew M Schulz

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Salt Marsh- "Home is the Marshes"24 x 36Oil on linenSunset in the Barnstable Marshes on Cape Cod$12,000 -Cape Cod Salt Marshes Cape Cod and Coastal New England Salt Marsh Paintings by artist Matthew M Schulz - Salt Marsh PaintingsOfCape Cod and New EnglandBy ArtistMatthew M Schulz
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Salt Marsh- "Home is the Marshes"
24 x 36
Oil on linen
Sunset in the Barnstable Marshes on Cape Cod

The Great Salt Marshes of Barnstable on Cape Cod is where I spend many hours painting. My affinity for this subject was seeded at an early age by accompanying my Grandfather while he clammed on the Barnstable Harbor flats in the Summer and mornings in his duck blind on the Brickyard Creek in the Fall and Winter. As I got older he and I shared a duck blind, moving off the creek, on a series of large potholes. To those unfamiliar with with waterfowl hunting, there can be long hours between flights of ducks, though we continued to scan the skies. Once you reside yourself to the slower pace of waiting you begin to notice all of the other elements happening around you, the light on the water, the clouds shifting in the sky, movement of the grass, a group of Sanderlings pitching in or the squawk of a Great Blue heron claiming a corner to stalk the shallows.

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