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"Summer Traveler"40" x 60"Osprey$50,250 -New Cape Cod paintings, Nantucket Sound New Cape Cod, Nantucket Sound and Coastal New England paintings by artist Matthew M. Schulz as the pieces come off the easel. Subject matter includes Wianno Seniors, Salt marshes, New England Seascapes and Figawi Racing paintings - New Works
"Summer Traveler"
40" x 60"

An Osprey lit by the light of a setting sun against the backdrop of passing thunder heads. I have painted Osprey many times, yet none of them had completely captured the grace and power of these beautiful birds of prey.

This piece was born out of two separate thoughts, I had great Osprey reference material, but no composition, until I was cleaning out a drawer filled with sketches and came across the cloud structure. Immediately the light turned on that those two elements needed to merge in order to have a complete piece, but it needed to be a large painting not your "run of the mill" 24 x 30 or 36, rather a truly exceptional size, so I could express them both painterly, focusing on light and shadow as opposed to detail.

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